Upgrade FleetBroadband

Use Wired Ocean to enhance the speed and affordability of Inmarsat FleetBroadband:


Wired Ocean's downlink is faster than FB500, almost twice as fast as FB250 and more than three times faster than FB150. Additionally our performance enhancement technology further accelerates content delivery.


Monthly fixed-price service packages start at a Gigabyte and subscriptions start at around $300 per month, so the effective cost per megabyte is measured in cents, not dollars.

Crew Internet Solution

Wired Ocean is an ideal solution for crew internet which is very download intensive. The service is configured to separate the high volume of crew downloads from the FleetBroadband operational service.

Broadband and Satellite Television

The cost of an FB150, a satellite TV antenna and a Wired Ocean S-Box can be less expensive than a FB500 while meeting crew welfare as well as operational needs.

Choose Wired Ocean to upgrade your FleetBroadband for affordable broadband use. View speed and cost comparison PDF