Wired Ocean S-Box photo The S-Box connects the vessel to the internet, and seamlessly manages integration of the Wired Ocean service with the vessel’s communications systems. It has everything needed to make internet connection easy and secure, without installing software on the vessels computers.

Simple web-page interface

The S-Box is managed through a standard web page, and can be accessed from any connected computer. Simple drop-down menus mean that the S-Box can be operated with ease, and different communication channels and options may be chosen at the click of a button. This allows the most cost-effective uplink to be chosen for any Wired Ocean connection.

Robust and secure

Designed specifically for the marine environment, the S-Box has proven its reliability in the harshest of conditions, and reliable and robust operation is further assured thanks to the Linux operating system.

Never out of date

Wired Ocean maintains an ongoing schedule of updates and improvements to its system. Because the S-Box can be upgraded ‘over the air’ every S-Box always has access to the latest service improvements and product updates for new communication equipment. This means that wherever the vessel is, the S-Box can always benefit from the latest developments.

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