Crew Internet

Internet has rapidly become a high priority element of crew welfare packages. Wired Ocean's downlink service enables vessels to add affordable crew internet to their existing operational communications.


Wired Ocean's downlink packages provide Gigabytes, not megabytes of data. Every 5GB of data enables crew to view 25,000 web pages (at 200kbytes per page) or hear 330 hours of streaming radio (at 64kbps) or download 1200 music clips (4MB each). Monthly subscriptions start at just a few hundred dollars.

Fixed Price Subscriptions

All subscriptions are 'always on' and fixed price. This makes allocation, or sharing, of cost easy and predictable.

Protection for Operational Communications

The Wired Ocean S-Box can be configured so that crew internet is only downlinked via Wired Ocean ensuring that the high volume of crew downloads doesn't compromise operational communications.

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