Upgrade Fleet MPDS

Broadband performance from a Fleet terminal!

As the shipping industry enters the broadband era, the relatively slow speed and high usage charges mean that Fleet MPDS is unlikely to be used regularly for internet access. However, for vessels that receive much more information than they send, Wired Ocean can enhance MPDS to provide broadband performance.

  • Wired Ocean's maximum shore to ship data speed is around four to eight times faster than Fleet77 and eight times faster than Fleet55 and Fleet33.
  • Wired Ocean has fixed price service plans for shore to ship data that result in costs that are a fraction of MPDS.
  • Wired Ocean's S-Box, working in conjunction with the network operations hub, incorporates state of the art performance enhancement systems. These minimise latency (processing lag or time delay), remove unnecessary handshaking and compress and cache transferred data.

Adding Wired Ocean to an existing Fleet terminal is a very low cost route to broadband at sea. The S-Box will also grow with your communications requirements — it's ready to enhance FleetBroadband when it's time to move on from Fleet.