Communications Management

Flexible uplink options

The Wired Ocean S-Box can be connected to a wide range of marine communications equipment, and available connections can be chosen via a menu on the browser page. This means that wherever the vessel is located, internet service can be used in the most cost effective way. The S-Box maintains a log of all connections. This makes it easy to keep track of data communications usage, both on the vessel, and on shore.

On the vessel

The S-Box interface displays the time connected, and cumulative data volumes to and from the ship for each connection. A connection log keeps these details. Each log can be filtered by time period, connection type, etc. and reports may be compiled and printed as needed.

On shore

For fleet managers on land, each vessel’s real time usage information is available remotely, just as it is on the vessel. Logs can be accessed via the Wired Ocean intranet, and give information about usage of the Wired Ocean service and connected marine communications equipment.