Other Upgrades

Wired Ocean's S-Box and shore to ship service have the flexibility to be added to almost any maritime communications system. The improvements and benefits will depend on the system being enhanced.

Mobile Satellite

Wired Ocean's downlink provides a major speed boost to mobile satellite services provided by Iridium, Globalstar and ThurayaMarine. Combined with 'always-on', fixed price service plans vessels can now take advantage of affordable internet access.

Cellular Data Services

Cellular data services are cost effective for near to shore internet access. But their variability in speed, coverage and roaming charges leaves plenty of scope for Wired Ocean enhancement. When cellular coverage ends Wired Ocean is still there, to provide easy switching to, and enhancement of, satellite based services.


Wired Ocean can cost-effectively boost the performance of VSATs configured mainly for email and VOIP to support fast internet access. This enables vessels to meet the needs of crew internet while preserving existing VSAT capacity for operational communications. View Acergy Osprey Case Study PDF