Wired Ocean Broadband

Why Wired Ocean?

As ship communications move into the broadband era, the usage pattern changes from email to internet. Typical internet use consists of relatively small amounts of data (such as webpage or search requests) being sent, with much larger amounts of data (for example web pages and internet content) being received. Wired Ocean enhances ships’ existing communications systems to efficiently provide the high volume of downloaded data associated with regular internet usage.

An innovative solution

Wired Ocean‘s ‘hybrid’ technology uses television broadcast satellites to deliver high volumes of downlink (shore to ship) data quickly and at very affordable prices. This downlink is seamlessly integrated with vessels’ existing communications systems which are used for uplink (ship to shore) data. The result is high speed maritime internet with increased data speeds and affordable usage costs. Equipment costs are minimized by making use of the communications and television equipment on board vessels.

Ideal for marine internet applications

The service is ideal for high volume applications such as internet browsing, downloading email with attachments, obtaining electronic manuals and weather and navigation data for bridge and critical systems. It’s also well suited for crew internet needs such news, sport, smart phone updates, music and video downloads and web browsing.

Easy installation

Ship communications can be upgraded for affordable broadband by installing a Wired Ocean S-Box. It seamlessly integrates Wired Ocean’s shore to ship service with the vessel’s communications systems. The S-Box has everything needed to make internet connection easy, safe and secure, without installing any software on the vessel’s computers.

Commitment to customer support

Every installation is backed by customer support that incorporates remote monitoring and diagnostics. Wired Ocean’s support staff has access to real time information on the performance of each vessel’s communications and similar information is available to fleet managers via Wired Ocean’s intranet.