Thrane & Thrane Accredited Solution

Wired Ocean’s unique broadband service is recognised as an official accredited solution by the leading manufacturer of satellite communications terminals, Thrane & Thrane. This accreditation confirms the compatibility between the Wired Ocean S-Box and service and Thrane & Thrane SAILOR FleetBroadband and Fleet terminals, and SAILOR SAT TV antennas.

The package of Wired Ocean S-Box with any SAILOR FleetBroadband or Fleet terminal and any SAILOR SAT TV not only provides vessels with cost effective broadband but also voice, data and television services that are available through the SAILOR equipment.

Equipment of a Wired Ocean S-Box is a low cost, easy upgrade for SAILOR equipment that enables users to benefit from Wired Ocean’s highly competitive, fixed price downlink packages. The Wired Ocean S-Box integrates seamlessly with SAILOR FleetBroadband and Fleet terminals and SAILOR SAT TV to offer a flexible communications hub, improving internet and data performance significantly.