About the Service

Always on broadband performance

Wired Ocean’s services are 'always on' and are designed to enhance 'always-on' mobile services such as Inmarsat FleetBroadband, MPDS and cellular data. At 512kbps Wired Ocean's shore to ship service is many times faster than most mobile satellite services. To complement this outright speed, Wired Ocean also incorporates state of the art data optimisation at its network operations hub and in the S-Box, so that data can be delivered even more quickly and cost-effectively.


Wired Ocean offers a range of service plans at a fraction of the cost of mobile satellite services. Ships can take advantage of our low prices to greatly increase broadband use for operations and crew, while remaining within communications budgets. Since Wired Ocean users are typically receiving much more information than they are sending, the majority of the ship's broadband is using Wired Ocean's economical service.

Fixed price service plans

'Always on' service, combined with fixed price service plans, means that ships don't pay by the time connected or the volume of data received. This makes budgeting easier and relieves concern that large downloads or unexpected software upgrades will lead to unacceptable costs.

Benefits in and out of coverage areas

Equipment of a Wired Ocean S-Box provides ease of use, speed and cost savings benefits to users, whether in or out of coverage. Of course, the greatest benefits are to be had when inside Wired Ocean coverage. However, outside these areas data communications can still be managed through the S-Box using any connected mobile satellite service to send and receive data.

Internet and TV

A single TV antenna can be used to receive both the Wired Ocean service and television programming.