About us

Cost effective broadband for a wide range of vessels

Wired Ocean provides affordable high-speed marine internet access, enabling vessels at sea to enter the broadband era sooner rather than later. The service benefits fishing, oil and gas, government, passenger and merchant shipping fleets as well as leisure vessels.

Robust and reliable on-board

The Wired Ocean system’s heritage includes extensive development and testing in conjunction with the European Space Agency prior to commercial launch. Designed specifically for the sea-going community, the S-Box has proven its reliability in one of the harshest marine environments – on board fishing vessels operating in the North Sea.

Customer support

The S-Box is complemented by Wired Ocean’s state of the art operations hub and dedicated customer support, wherever the vessel sails. Real time logs enable fleet managers to monitor their vessels’ communications usage.

Never out of date

Our commitment to excellence continues. Wired Ocean maintains an ongoing programme of development, with new features and services seamlessly provided to its customers through an automatic over-the-air update system.